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Friday, 10.03.06
Our last day at school, I'm not in the right mood to work,
so I'm preparing my homepage probably for the last time here in England.
Tomorrow I'll have the rest of my exam. Speaking and Listening yesterday was quite good.

Tuesday, 07.03.06
I'm in the last week of my stay in England
and I'm looking forward to going home.
The exams are near but it's not really a problem.

Sunday, 26.02.06
We had two very nice evenings:
On Friday we had crÍpes and on Saturday spaghetti bolognese.
Both times complementet with a delicious salad.

Friday, 24.02.06
The photographs of London are up now. Enjoy them!
This weekend there will be a party at my hostfamily's house,
because they are not here.

Monday, 20.02.06
We spent a very nice weekend in London.
The weather was not so good yesterday and the bus back to Bournemouth
was over half an hour too late.
Pictures follow later this week, they have to be sorted first.

Monday, 13.02.06
Internet works in my hostfamily now!

Monday, 13.02.06
Despite the fact that Giacomo's hostfamily is on holiday,
we went to his house and cooked some nice
meals on Friday and Saturday evening.

Monday, 06.02.06
On Saturday we went to Poole to go shopping and in
the evening we met at Riverside.

Friday, 03.02.06
Today we went playing badminton with the school.
Tomorrow we are going to go shopping in Poole.

Monday, 30.01.06
I launched this homepage to inform my friends and
relatives about my well-going in England

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